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Information for patients


For visitors of a hospital and clinic, car park near the street. Kr.Valdemara and st. Sarlotes available at a lower price:

  • 1 hour - 0.80 euros;
  • every next hour - 0.65 euros;
  • from 7am to 6pm - 5.70 euros;
  • from 8pm to 6am - 6.00 euros;
  • 24 hours - 9.00 euros;

Entry into the territory of the hospital - 3.00 euros.

Required documents

 On a visit to a specialist for examination to hospital the following documents are required:

  • Identification document - a passport or ID card;
  • Parents of children (under 14 years) or legal guardians are required to present a document confirming the right to represent the interests of the child (the patient). Parents must present the child's birth document, which indicates the name of the parent. Other persons (sister, brother, grandparents, other relatives) are required to present a notarized power of attorney to represent the legitimate rights and interests;
  • Medical direction (form number 027 / u) from family doctor or specialist doctor who has a contract with the National Health Service;
  • Document confirming belonging to the category of people exempted from payment of the patient;
  • Insurance policy (if any);
  • The results of recent examinations, if they are at your disposal.

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